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Jasper Deonta Goodman


Jasper Deonta Goodman, a highly skilled and renowned professional based in Raleigh, North Carolina, has spent over a decade honing his expertise in the industry. Through diligent effort and a commitment to excellence, Jasper has earned the trust of his clients and developed a robust skill set that underpins his continued success.

Jasper Deonta Goodman is the founder and current leader of Landstar Investment Group, LLC, which he established in 2009. Since its inception, Jasper has steered the company with a sharp eye for lucrative opportunities and a profound grasp of market dynamics. He has earned a reputation for converting underperforming assets into prosperous investments. His strategic approach blends innovative financing solutions with sustainable development practices, ensuring long-term value creation for investors and communities. Jasper’s dedication to excellence and passion for real estate propel the company’s success and growth.

As a business owner, Jasper Deonta Goodman understands the essential elements to keep a business thriving. He adeptly manages investment plans and portfolios while remaining vigilant for new opportunities. Recognizing the importance of effectively managing tenant relationships, Jasper enhances the likelihood of lease renewals and minimizes the need to find new tenants. This approach ensures stable occupancy and bolsters his reputation within the local community.

Jasper Deonta Goodman has diverse talents and specialties, particularly in real estate investment. With extensive experience as a professional real estate investor, Jasper has successfully purchased, leased, and developed numerous projects throughout the area. His expertise encompasses various real estate activities, from identifying lucrative investment opportunities to managing complex development projects. Jasper’s strategic vision and deep understanding of the local market have enabled him to transform underutilized properties into thriving investments, earning him a stellar reputation in the industry.

Jasper Deonta Goodman is a prominent figure in the real estate industry. As the founder and CEO of Prosperity Real Estate Investments, Jasper has refined his expertise in market analysis, property acquisition, and strategic development, transforming undervalued properties into highly profitable ventures. His innovative approach integrates cutting-edge technology with sustainable practices, ensuring financial success and a positive impact on the community. 

Entrepreneurship lies at the heart of Jasper Deonta Goodman’s professional journey, defining his innovative approach to business and investment. As the founder and CEO of Prosperity Real Estate Investments, Jasper embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship by identifying untapped opportunities in the real estate market and transforming them into thriving ventures. Jasper’s entrepreneurial acumen extends beyond real estate as he continually seeks new ventures and opportunities to diversify and expand his business portfolio. 

Over the years, Jasper Deonta Goodman has diligently built a robust professional network. These connections and resources enhance his reputation and support the growth of his business and the discovery of new opportunities.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Jasper Deonta Goodman nurtures various interests and hobbies. A devoted baseball enthusiast, he enjoys everything from playing to avidly following games at all levels. Jasper also dedicates time to coaching a local team, fostering connections with fellow enthusiasts, and passing his passion for baseball to the younger generation.

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